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     The wuhuashan tourist area is located at the junction of the longevity zone of chongqing, adjacent to chongqing and chongqing. It is 110 kilometers from downtown chongqing, 50 kilometers from deng xiaoping's hometown, and 33 kilometers from the neighboring county. The main attractions include: Lao jun, wanxiang wangxiang, lihua long corridor, forest tree house, plant creative park, etc. The surrounding areas are: the site of the mugo, the millennium, the spring and the spring, the thousand island honghu, the han mud song porcelain and other tourist spots.


    The state road runs through the neighboring water, the adjacent (water) cushion (river). Basic implementation of asphalt, highway traffic mileage 491 kilometers; There is a large area in China (Ann) -- the adjacent (water), da (state) -- chongqing expressway, the baomao expressway and the shanghai-rong expressway intersection in the adjacent water, forming the east sichuan transportation hub. The adjacent water city is about 60 kilometers (high speed) from chongqing international airport. It takes only 40 minutes to drive. 20 km from guang 'an railway station; More than 100 kilometers from the Yangtze river. Basic implementation of asphalt, highway traffic mileage 491 kilometers; There are 334 traffic villages. The county is about 80 kilometers away from chongqing international airport, more than 20 kilometers from guang 'an railway station, and more than 100 kilometers from chongqing port and longevity harbor.

    In 2013, the city west of the adjacent water county completed the land expropriation and demolition and launched the construction, and the rapid passage of chongqing, the western ring line, the south of the highway and the early stage of the north exit were steadily promoted. The 304-line dross of the provincial highway was completed in the great buddhist temple, and the new road was built 271 km from the rural road. Transportation development made new progress, complete 23 car all the way, two buses and 20 taxi update, new on the three bus 8 units, 1 new rural passenger area, opened eight passenger lines. The urban freight car park is basically completed. A total of 710 million yuan was invested in transportation construction in the whole year.